Africa U.S.A.

Zambezi Falls

A waterfall in Florida? John Pedersen always loved waterfalls and the fact that Florida is flat land was no deterrent. The Africa U.S.A. entrance was located on one of the few natural ridges in Palm Beach County. A base of cement was used to build a foundation for where naturally occurring coral was placed to create the waterfalls. In order to make the setting more natural, huge pumps were placed underground to bring the needed water up from the Floridan Aquifer, a river that flows underground through South Florida. Even though several engineers said it could not be done, Jack Pedersen designed the pump system that ran both the waterfalls and the geyser. The name "Zambezi" comes from the 1,650 mile long Zambezi River located in south central Africa which feeds the world-famous Victoria Falls. The water was not re-circulated but pumped fresh and cold from the aquifer. Over 250,000 gallons per hours rushed over the 30 foot drop into Lake Nanyuki. To see how the waterfall appears today, click here to go to the Gardens page.



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