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A visit to Africa U.S.A. was a thrilling experience. Imagine a theme park with free parking and free admission to the gardens. The only attraction with a charge was the Jungle Train Tour which was all of $2.00. These images can only give a glimpse of the beauty and thrill of Africa U.S.A.
Your virtual tour begins at the Gardens.
Click here to see aerial photos of Africa U.S.A.

Your day at Africa U.S.A. would begin with the brightly colored entrance sign. Africa U.S.A. was famous for the billboards all along U.S. 1 on the East coast of Florida.
Here is your Jungle Train ticket. The ticket was actually a postcard which could then be sent to friends or family. A great marketing tool for Africa U.S.A. This is an early ticket when the Jungle Train was 95 cents.
Your Jungle Train Tour our begins with boarding the Jeep Safari Train. This part of Africa U.S.A. was really unique in that the train was completely open so that the visitors could interact with the animals. There were no carnivorous animals on the tour, so visitors were safe.
Here is the entrance to Tanganyika Territory, the entrance gates to the recreated African savanna. The gate is guarded by "Machakas" the Masai Warrior.
Along the paved roads many animals were visible such as giraffe, ostrich, nyala, eland, and zebra in greater numbers than one would see if on safari in Africa.
Eland, a type of antelope, were a common site along the Jeep Safari Tour.
Rare Grevy's zebra, an endangered species, grazed in the recreated Africa savanna. Special permission was gained from East African game authorities to import these type of zebra which are larger than the common zebra.
These African donkeys, also called "Abyssinian Asses" were the type of donkey that Jesus used to ride into Jerusalem.
Here your train pauses to look at the rare Grevy's zebra and ostrich. Many ostrich eggs were sold to exclusive restaurants such as the Stork Club in New York.
No animal was more elegant than the giraffe. These tall, friendly creatures are seen here with some eland. Many giraffe were born at Africa U.S.A., with a normal birth weight of 150 pounds!
If you were especially lucky on your tour, you would catch a glimpse of "Tiger" the world's only half-horse half-zebra. Although he had the coloring and size of a regular horse, his stripes were hard to miss.
Your tour continues with a stop at Jungle Town, a recreated African Village where the "natives" performed mock spear fights and other acrobatic acts. Also featured was native dancing and music.
Cool off now and take a 15-minute electric boat ride through the jungle on Lake Nanyuki. On the way you pass Monkey Island with its chimpanzee and monkey inhabitants.
A spectacular sight from the boat ride was the Watusi Geyser. The geyser was run with huge underground pumps that pumped water from an aquifer.
Another view from the lake was Zambezi Falls, another creation that looked very real. A naturally occurring hill, rare in South Florida, was converted into this 30-foot high waterfall.
A thrilling moment on your boat ride was the feeding of live alligators from the boat!
Your formal tour has now concluded. Feel free to explore the Gardens, see the Diamond Exhibit, visit with Princess Margaret, or browse in the Giftshop.


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