Africa U.S.A. Boca Raton

Welcome to the Africa U.S.A. Memories page. Here you will see photos contributed by visitors to the park and read their memories. New photos/stories will be added as they are received.

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  Who is this well known South Florida politician? The little boy on the right is Congressman Mark Foley! Pictured with him is older brother Ed Foley and Aunt Rene Rumbo from California!

  Another photo contributed by Ed Foley, a beautiful and rare color photo of the giraffes.

  A beautiful Watusi geyser picture contributed by Ed Foley.

  This picture was contributed by "Miss Phyllis" the hostess of Romper Room on WPTV Channel 5 in the 1950's. She is pictured here with George Gehris, longtime employee of Africa USA.

  Another photo contributed by Phyllis with Machakas. Miss Phyllis has very found memories of Africa USA, and even has her porch decorated with an African theme!

  Miss Phyllis with an ostrich. Notice the Africa U.S.A. bumpersticker on the side of the Jeep. My cousin John would apply these stickers to cars as the people were visiting Africa USA.

  This photo was contributed by Mrs. Robert Bergen of Boynton Beach - it shows how you were really right with the animals!

  Another photo contributed by Mrs. Bergen - many varieties of animals in this picture!

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