Africa U.S.A.

Images from aboard the African Planet travelling from Mombassa to Fort Lauderdale.

Images from Jack's films of Africa


Richard Cade helped collect the animals for Africa U.S.A. Through an email forwarded from Lion Country Safari, Richard again has contact with Africa U.S.A. Richard was 17 when he helped capture the animals for Africa U.S.A. He has generously supplied these photos. Richard now lives in Perth, Australia. More news to come...

Jack Pedersen with Mojah and Mbili in
Durban, South Africa


Camp at Maralal near Karisia Hills, North Kenya, where we were trapping Grevey's zebra. Richard shared this tent with Jack Pedersen.

Grevey's zebra settling in at Nanaki prior to shipment.

Burchell zebra enjoying a snack at Nanaki.


Jack Pedersen (left) and Richard Cade (right) at the Miami Christmas Parade with Mojah and Mbili.


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