Africa U.S.A.

Shirley Schneider, daughter of John P. Pedersen, and Debra Kropornicki, Camino Gardens Association President, at the Africa U.S.A. Lagoon

The Camino Gardens Association marked the 50th. Anniversary of the opening of Africa U.S.A. with a plaque commemoration aside the Africa U.S.A. lagoon, overlooking the Watusi Geyser. Mayor Steve Abrams of the City of Boca Raton presented a formal Proclamation, declaring March 22, 2003 as Africa U.S.A. Day.

Mayor Steve Abrams and Deputy-Mayor Susan Haynie

Irene Konrad, author of "Farewell Africa USA, Hail Camino Gardens", Shirley Schneider, Ginger Pedersen, and Debra Kropornicki

Camino Gardens residents looking at Africa U.S.A. pictures

Shirley Schneider with the Watusi Geyser base in the background.

Bench area and plaque overlooking the lagoon.

The audience at the ceremony.

Shirley and George Schneider

Debra Kropornicki reading the plaque for the audience.

Dedication Plaque commemorating Africa U.S.A.

At this site in 1953, John P. Pedersen and his family established Africa U.S.A., a major tourist attraction for nearly a decade. The 350 acre site drew some 2,000 visitors daily to view the park's camels, giraffes, elephants and other exotic animals and plants.
In the park, a "Watusi Geyser" erupted hourly from the rock hill visible in the lake, throwing 1,000 gallons of water per minute, 160 feet into the air. Near the left edge of the lake are remnants of "Zambezi Falls," the park's 30-foot waterfall.
Dedicated by the Camino Gardens Association in March 2003
to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Africa U.S.A.

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